Voludex – New Era of Volume Provision

Decentralized & automated market-making platform designed to support your token. The platform allows a painless and time-saving market-making process.


The platform reduces chances of any smart contract bugs & attacks from front-running bots.


The platform allows project tokens to be fully automated in complete control of the wallet owner without any third-party service providers.


The platform trustless environment allows achieving greater, safer, and fairer service.

What is Voludex

New generation state of the art token support

Voludex is a decentralized & automated market-making platform designed to support your token. The platform uses various smart contracts and works as price & volume support with a secure & reliable environment.

Voludex provides service that reaches the highest results in market making industry. Intuitive UX & UI allows a painless and time-saving market-making process.

Raising the bar


The following features are included in the current version of the

Price Target

After the amount, time, and budget that you have set are reached, our algorithmic smart contract bot consults its algorithmic regulations to offer you the price & algorithmic solution for your pair price to grow.

Intuitive UI/UX

Platform UI/UX is a fluid, minimalistic interface for a simple, easy-to-use experience.

Volume Support

Choosing the amount and time will allow your chosen pair to gain volume support in a fully automated environment with smart contract deployment

Harmless Cash-Out

Time and amount can be chosen for selling your pair via smart contract Cash-out feature allow a harmless price decrease of the token

Token Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your smart contract bot and the status of your token price

Start support in
less then 3 minutes


Key Value

Voludex is created to provide a secure and transparent platform for the next generation of contracted-token support. The platform can adopt & support project smart contract token that is available on any decentralized exchange.


Voludex –

  • allows to support token price;
  • allows you to reach your desired price target;
  • allows controlling the volume support process;
  • allows you to cash out your token without harming the token price;
  • ¬†provides an environment for token monitoring;
  • is fully decentralized & automated;
  • does not need any third party interference;
  • is built to adapt to any smart contract;
  • restricts front running bots by deploying smart contracts on them;
  • allows your funds to stay on any preferred storage.

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